What information do the Market Snapshot maps and graphs include?

The map area displays your home address (if you are using the Snapshot to calculate the value of your home) or your chosen area of interest (if you are using the snapshot to investigate an area with a mind towards buying) and all the properties found in the area which match the criteria you specified.

Beneath the map, a scrolling grid listing all of the properties used to generate the report’s statistics.  The you can choose to show a road map, an aerial (or “satellite”) view, or a hybrid view with both the aerial and the road map. In addition, you can select a “birdseye” view which displays an angled aerial perspective, rather than the “straight down” perspective offered by the conventional aerial view .

Next to the map area is an accordion control that contains graphs and statistics based on the properties displayed on the map. The Market accordion control contains the following views: